Steakhouse Mac n Cheese

I know you visited this site today saying, “Hey, Todd, I really want to know how you make mac n cheese!” No? Really? Well, you’re going to find out anyway. My special recipe from an evening of rummaging since I didn’t feel like going to the store. Ingredients 1/2 box elbow macaroni 3 oz shredded cheddar cheese (a … Continued

Review: “Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam” combines the worst of two worlds

I like coffee. I like pickles. Doesn’t mean I’ll be running to pick up Maxwell House Kosher Dill. That’s unfortunately what Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is. Foolishly, I bought it on the merits of the two series it combines, thinking it’d combine the unique RPG and puzzle elements of both Mario & Luigi and … Continued

Doing the Math

A lot has been said about the terrible math making its way through the tubes of the Interwebs today, claiming the current Powerball jackpot’s annuity value (now $1.4 billion) divided by the population of the United States (about 318.9 million) would mean everybody gets a little more than $4 million, which might be true in … Continued

Reality Sets In… In a Good Way

Last week I shared the manuscript for Directorate 51 Revelation with a few coworkers and friends to gather feedback and help root out any errors. Usually, it’s a professional editor who does that, but as an independent author (the current preferred term over “self-published”) I don’t really have the budget for that. What I was not expecting was the enthusiasm … Continued

The Long, Long Writing Journey

A couple of weeks ago, I added a little something to the About Me page, along with the tag line you’ll see underneath my name. I’ve been writing fiction, and now I’m gonna actually put a name to it.

Hide Facebook comments

Facebook recently introduced a “feature” that shows comments on your news feed, which is quite annoying if you follow, well, anything, given the Internet’s penchant of being hyper-political and stupid. So I made a bookmarklet to toggle comments on or off.

The Lost Art of Sportsmanship

I split my loyalties in football between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots, which of course made the 2014 AFC championship game a bit awkward. And, of course, much has been said recently about the Patriots’ alleged cheating. (Yes, I do think the footballs were a little deflated. No, I don’t think Tom Brady ordered it. Yes, … Continued