5 Tools Everyone In The Pen Industry Should Be Using

With a dearth of ideas to blog about but a desire to post something, I figured I’d search the Internet for ideas. An automatic generator suggested this one.

Love Still Conquers Hate

It’s been another rough week. I’m saddened by senseless violence, both at the hands of a few bad police officers, and at the hands of one civilian who put his anger to the wrong use. Steve Hartman said on CBS tonight that it’s important to remember the word “some.” Some police officers are racist, but … Continued

Time to Take Action

If you’re like most people, you’ve been outraged over the recent mass shootings that have taken away far too many of our families, friends and neighbors. And while changing your Facebook photo or signing a petition is a step in the right direction, it’s not enough. It’s time to act. Write a letter. Help bury … Continued

Love Conquers Hate

Much is going to be said over the next few weeks over the horrible event this morning, a man full of hatred shooting more than 100 innocent people at a gay nightclub in Orlando. But already there’s one trend that comes up far too often: hatred.   I’m not talking about the homophobia that in … Continued

Steakhouse Mac n Cheese

I know you visited this site today saying, “Hey, Todd, I really want to know how you make mac n cheese!” No? Really? Well, you’re going to find out anyway. My special recipe from an evening of rummaging since I didn’t feel like going to the store. Ingredients 1/2 box elbow macaroni 3 oz shredded cheddar cheese (a … Continued

Review: “Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam” combines the worst of two worlds

I like coffee. I like pickles. Doesn’t mean I’ll be running to pick up Maxwell House Kosher Dill. That’s unfortunately what Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is. Foolishly, I bought it on the merits of the two series it combines, thinking it’d combine the unique RPG and puzzle elements of both Mario & Luigi and … Continued

Doing the Math

A lot has been said about the terrible math making its way through the tubes of the Interwebs today, claiming the current Powerball jackpot’s annuity value (now $1.4 billion) divided by the population of the United States (about 318.9 million) would mean everybody gets a little more than $4 million, which might be true in … Continued

Slight delay, and what’s next

The release of Revelation is so close. The manuscript is written, and I’ve been editing furiously with the help of several friends. I had been hoping to get it out by the end of the year, but it’s already December 19 and I’m not quite done with some of the revisions I need to do, so I’m … Continued

Reality Sets In… In a Good Way

Last week I shared the manuscript for Directorate 51 Revelation with a few coworkers and friends to gather feedback and help root out any errors. Usually, it’s a professional editor who does that, but as an independent author (the current preferred term over “self-published”) I don’t really have the budget for that. What I was not expecting was the enthusiasm … Continued

Revelation Cover

The Directorate 51: Revelation cover is mostly ready. This art has a history: I made it originally as a T-shirt design for my 3-D rendered Marcus to wear, but I liked the theme.