Todd Dukart. Author.

While professionally I'm a software engineer now, my roots are in writing. I started my career in journalism at a television station in my hometown, posting news to their website. I later moved to their direct competitor working on more interactive features, which eventually evolved into the software career I have today.

But I still like to write. My first ebook, Directorate 51: Revelation, is a science-fiction story that takes place in modern America. I'm in the process of writing a sequel.

I also have a few other stories up my sleeves, from a dystopian sci-fi to a modern, realistic workplace novel.


Directorate 51: Revelation

It's an ordinary day in Marcus Brown's life, up until everybody he knows disappears. The first in a planned series, this ebook introduces a new wrinkle in the world we already know.

New Freedom City

When the United Republics formed, history was banned. Coming soon

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