Todd Dukart. Engineer.

As an engineer with a decade of experience in several different industries, and a curious person, I've learned quite a bit. Here's some of my insight and public projects.


Thriving as a Multi-Project Engineer

Managing many different projects in different languages and frameworks has been challenging, particularly because my background includes very little formal software training. How do I thrive at my job?


July-August 2019

The website you're on right now. I built it using Gatsby and Netlify CMS, using several hand-built components.

Directorate 51

Directorate 51

May 2019

The website to support the book series Directorate 51. It's built in Gatsby, using an adaptation of a theme from html5up.


October 2016 (mostly)

JavaScript (ES6), Philips Hue API

This JavaScript library allows programmatic access to the Phillips Hue API, allowing local web-based control of those lights.



August 2017 to present


I built this as sort of a “cheat” app for a mobile word game. It’s a fully offline-capable word descrambler. The dictionary, which is pre-processed, supports words up to 10 letters.

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