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Infrequent Flyer

As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, like practically everybody, I’m worn down. Nearly 12 years ago I left my home state of New Mexico for new adventures in New England, and without fail I had gotten together with family for the holidays, whether it was me flying to Albuquerque, my parents visiting me, or all of us visiting my brother who lived elsewhere on the East Coast.

Why I switched from WordPress to Gatsby
Web Development

WordPress is a pretty good blogging platform. It's got a lot of power and capability, and what you can do with it is just about endless. I even use it professionally.

Web Development

Welcome to my new site design! I've rebuilt it from the ground up using Gatsby and the Netlify CMS in order to take advantage of modern technologies like React. This should be a lot faster than my old WordPress-based site (which remains up as an archive of my old content).

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